This is a story in the flanimals of the deep - a flanimal version of the boy who cried wolf

Once upon a time, long long ago (quarter past two, 6th of February, 1622), a young groy was tending the sleeb. All the other groy were busy hunting, foraging, sumping the wef, and generally doing stuff. Whilst they were away, the young groy got bored as the sleeb were very boring. So he decided to have some fun, eventually he thought of something and cried 'Quick, quick, there is a molf! The sleeb are in danger!' quickly, the other groy rushed back to protect their sleeb and when they arrived there was no sign of a molf, all the sleeb were fine and the young groy was rolling on the floor lauging. They went away, angry. After a few minutes, the young groy got bored again so he called out'Quick, quick, there is a molf! The sleeb are in danger!' the other groys, although suspicious, didn't want to risk their sleeb, so they rushed to the young sleeb... to see the same thing that they had seen before, no molf, the sleeb were fine and the young groy was laughing hystericly. They were extremely angry as they went away. Later on, the young groy was startled by a looming shape, a molf!!! he cried out straight away 'Quick, quick, there is a molf! The sleeb are in danger!' A few minutes passed and the young groy couldn't understand why the other groy weren't coming to scare off the molf. He could only watch as the molf ate the unprotected sleeb. Later that day, the other groy came home and were bewildered to see all their sleeb slaughtered in the field. They asked the young groy who was crying by one of the sleeb. He said 'I called for you but you never came' the groy all stared at him angrily 'what do you have to say for yourself?' The young groy replied 'nothing really they were your sleeb' One of the groy said to the others 'he's right guys. We're idiots.'

The end

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